Chris King ThreadFit 30mm Bottom Bracket: Customer Review

Bottom brackets are a very important bike component have become seemingly less important in peoples minds. The bottom bracket takes a bunch of riding abuse from both the frame and cranks. Keeping bearings running smoothly is vital for a number of reasons but at the same time it's not easy for manufacturers to pull off. One of our valued customers James Lacey shares his view on the Chris King ThreadFit 30mm bottom bracket. Check it out below! 

Chris King ThreadFit bottom bracket customer review
I have to say this Chris King Threadfit bottom bracket is like a good whiskey… smooth! In all seriousness it’s a Chris King bottom bracket, there is no better. So far it has been an install and forget item but I also bought the grease injector tool so when the time comes to do some maintenance I’ll be ready. I bought this item to fit my Race Face Next 30mm crankset on my new 2019 Stumpjumper. I like the crankset but hated my previous bikes PressFit BB. So I did what any reasonable person would do and sold that bike and bought a new bike with a threaded BB to go with my crankset.

Chris King ThreadFit bottom bracket customer review2
I ordered the bottom bracket while in Denmark knowing I was coming back home with a new threaded bottom bracket bike. I picked it up at the shop and I installed it as soon as I was back home in Denmark, I put over 400 trouble & creak free miles on it so far. Also, Chris King BBs just look nice, you have different color options to customize and coordinate the look with your bike. Don’t forget to find out which adapter kit to purchase, the team at World Wide Cyclery are quick to assist with this.

Chris King ThreadFit bottom bracket customer review

It’s been trouble and creak free and I know this one will last a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and don’t mess with anything else when it comes to bottom brackets, Chris King is the King. While you are at it, if you want to run a 30mm spindled crankset, don’t do it if you have a Pressfit bike, either stay 24mm or upgrade to a frame with a threaded BB, you will thank me later.
Chris King ThreadFit Bottom Bracket

September 15, 2018

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