Cane Creek Special Edition ConRad Fork and 110 series Headsets

Chances are, you have run a Cane Creek product on one of your many bikes whether it be a simple headset on your BMX bike as a kid, or a Double Barrel shock on your mountain bike. Cane Creek is a very prestigious company that has been supplying some of the most precise and durable components in the bicycle industry since the 1970’s. In recent years, we have seen Cane Creek expand its brand significantly in Mountain biking alone by offering newer items like their Helm Fork and Double Barrel Shocks in both air-sprung and coil-sprung versions. How many companies do you see offering both?

Cane Creek Conrad Line
Recently, Cane Creek released a Limited edition version of their Helm Fork and a few different options of the 110 Series Headset. Luckily we were able to snag a few before they were all gone!

The Helm Fork received very flashy makeover as they introduced a Gold Crown contrasting the black stanchions and lowers on the ConRad Edition fork. The matching gold decals are a perfect accent to such a beautiful and well-crafted fork. The guys and or gals behind this design didn’t stop there. They also introduced a limited run of the 110 Series Headsets to match with polished black cups topped with a shiny gold cap. The name was derived from the 12-year old boy who discovered a 17lb gold nugget right in North Carolina during the late 1700’s. A great way to keep the local pride high, while still creating a very unique and desired line of bike parts.

Cane Creek Helm Conrad fork

Cane Creek ConRad Helm


  • WEIGHT: 2070g HELM Air | 2260g HELM Coil
  • DAMPING: High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound
  • ADJUSTMENTS: 7-way adjustable suspension fork
  • High speed compression
  • Low speed compression
  • Low speed rebound
  • Air volume adjust (8-position Internal indexed system)
  • Independent positive air spring
  • Independent negative air spring
  • Indexed travel adjust system
  • AIR SPRING: High volume positive and negative air springs 
  • TRAVE:L Optimized for 140-170mm of travel
  • TRAVEL ADJUSTMENTS: Internal, 10mm Increments 
  • AXLE / SPACING / OFFSET: "D-Loc" 15mm thru axle system / 15mm x 110 BOOST spacing / 44mm

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  • 150mm
  • 160mm
  • 170mm 

Cane Creek Conrad Helm Fork


  • 150mm 
  • 160mm

Cane Creek ConRad Helm Fork

Cane Creek 110 Conrad Headset
They didn’t end with just that. Cane Creek has also introduced the Tuxedo Edition 110 Headset which features the same glossy black cups but a polished silver cap instead of the gold. Last but not least is the Flag Edition 110 Series Headset. Red, Polished (for the lack of white anodizing) and Blue make for a prideful headset you can use to represent the USA, France, The United Kingdom, Cambodia, etc.

Cane Creek 110 Tuxedo Headset

Cane Creek Flag 110 Headset

Backed by a 110 year warranty, these headsets are not just an expensive and quite possibly an impulsive purchase, but an investment to many. No detail was spared in the designing of Cane Creeks Components and the proof is in the product. Although a limited run of these will be produced the retail cost will be the same available soon. The headset will be available for purchase right away, so long as supplies last. The fork will be available around the end of January 2018.

Cane Creek 110 headsets

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January 26, 2018

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