BOX Two Shifter, Derailleur, and Cassette: Rider Review

I just recently purchased my first Fat Bike. We don’t get very much snow in Central Texas so a fat bike wasn’t really the normal trail/xc bike you see around here. I wanted something different and something that could handle any trail. I did a lot of research of different drivetrains because although the bike came with a Deore 1x I knew I would want to upgrade.

BOX Components Two Drivetrain Review

Searching For a Drivetrain:

Essentially I narrowed my search down to two options. Either the SRAM Eagle or Shimano SLX would be on my bike. The problem I had was yeah they were both similar in price and weight but I didn’t like the fact all other bikes would normally run these setups. I wanted to again stand out at the trailhead. Based on the advice of a BMX guy at my local bike shop he got me to look at Box. In my opinion, they were the same quality as SRAM Eagle NX but Box has more adjustability.

Choosing BOX over SRAM and Shimano:

Box Components Two Drivetrain Review

Fast forward to today and the Box 2 setup I am running has had zero issues. Some minor adjustments were made after about 50 miles and that was probably attributable to cable stretch. I love the tactile and audible click when you are coming down the gear range. It’s a little soft when upshifting but still a solid drivetrain in my opinion. If you are in the market for a 1x setup and want something different and reliable definitely look at Box Components. - Colby DeFriese

BOX Components Drivetrain Review


July 14, 2019

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