RaceFace Custom Color Collection: Orange

Many riders who custom build a bike with us are looking to differentiate their bike from the others out there and one thing we always recommend is to throw some custom colored RaceFace components on your bike! Not only do they look sick, but the performance and quality of RaceFace products is top notch. One of our favorite combinations is a dark frame scattered with some Fox orange colored components. Below is an example of how you could build up your bike mixing in orange RaceFace components with some standard black RaceFace Components that we have come to love. Subtlety is key when adding color to your bike, and we think the items below are a perfect way to add some pop. (You can scroll down to see how orange looks on a raw/black Yeti SB6c.)

RaceFace Custom Color Collection Orange

Here are some of our favorite RaceFace components that are available in the Fox Orange color that will make your bike look extra cherry! Click here to shop our RaceFace Orange Collection.

RaceFace Next SL Cranks:

  • These are our favorite cranks at the shop, no question
  • Incredibly light, weighing in at 535 grams
  • Super stiff for maximum control
  • Sexy looking

RaceFace Next SL Cranks Orange

RaceFace Next SL Handlebars:

  • Little vibration compared to other bars on the market
  • Super forgiving Race Face handlebars, even through the harsh parts of the trail
  • Comes in a 31.8mm and 35mm diameter

RaceFace Next SL Handlebars Orange

Complete your build with the rest of these superior RaceFace components which can be found here:

  • RaceFace Atlas Pedals
  • RaceFace Atlas Stem
  • RaceFace Turbine Dropper Seatpost 

Custom Build 2016 Yeti SB6c w/RaceFace Next SL Cranks and Handlebars

Yeti SB6c RaceFace Orange

    May 16, 2016

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